Aurora Collection

Welcome to my site!! I'm definitely not a website designer. Wow. Anyways, now that's done, back to art.

I'm currently working on my Aurora Collection. I have 15 pieces. 16, if you count Harry. Harry is my 3 legged bear. He fell of my washing machine. 😭 But I found my glue today and fixed him back up. He is not for sale, he has earned his place on my wall.

Each one of my pieces is hand cut. I bought this handy dandy tool called a rotozip. It's makes a lot of sawdust. So I set up my wood on my tailgate of my truck at minus - 10. 2 hours later I had frozen hands, sawdust in my eyes, mouth and up my nose.. Oh and a stack of wood cutouts.

So then I painted them all black and handpainted Northern Aurora Borealis on each piece. It's crazy how the pigments look the same until they are painted on. See below. I even mixed in some glow in the dark pigments. It turns out that I don't have enough space in my craft room to lay out everything flat. So I might have spread my art around the house... Sorry family!

After a few layers of sticky resin, they are ready to show!

I'll be taking some videos in the sun to show the amazing colours and dimension of these epic creations.

I really hope you enjoy them and I hope you'll subscribe to my blog /email list and hopefully you can find something that tickles your fancy!

Much love


P. S. I know my craft room is a disaster...

I work best in mad chaos

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