Hey Everyone!

It's freaking winter here!

So I am working away in my basement, making earrings. They take up less space.. Ahahah who am I kidding?!?! ( I've expanded to the laundry room and the kitchen table)

I worked with polymer clay back when I made fairy doors. My 5 year old just found some that I had in a box. She is loving them! I might have to make her a special one.

Anyways, back to earrings..

A lot of things have changed since I used it. I still have some left over, but I've been letting my daughter use it. Did you know that there are colour calculators now?

No more making brown. Well maybe a bit. 🤣

I've been learning from some amazing people. From the smallest little roses to learning how to make my own clay cutters with my 3 d printer. My husband can't believe I spend hours creating these small delicate pieces. I find it soothing. My life has been super stressful lately. We have had sickness and death. I'm fighting with my job to stay employed and it seems like the world has gone for shit. What I wouldn't give to be on a beach right now 🏝


Speaking of 3d printers, mine should be arriving tomorrow. Then I have to put it together and figure it out lol.

I have some cool plans for it.

Thanks for looking at my new stuff. Stay strong and carry on my friends 💙💜


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